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Our humane and no-kill focus on armadillo removal in Houston TX makes us the premier choice for residential and commercial customers to call on. In Houston TX, armadillo removal is another specialty included in our service list. You should look for a company that values animal life while it solves your intruder problems.

You need look no further for the best wildlife removal company when you contact us at Wildlife X Team Houston. Our 25 years' experience includes countless accomplishments with many referrals and thousands of satisfied customers.

What do Armadillos Look Like?

Armadillos have rabbit-like ears and hard-back skin referred to as armored plates that usually total nine bands. You can't be sure about how an armadillo will respond in a tense situation. As a result, it is always important to be cautious about their behavior. We specialize in armadillo control in Houston and safety always comes first with us!

When they feel threatened, armadillos might run away in fear. But being non-aggressive doesn't mean they are always safe. We carry out our process for armadillo removal in Houston similarly to our other wildlife removal services: We always maintain the most humane practices for trapping and control.

Is Armadillo Removal in Houston Expensive?

We pride ourselves on keeping our Houston armadillo removal services affordable. You shouldn't have to break the bank when seeking protection from any wild animals. We gladly work with any budget at Wildlife X Team Houston! Many other companies in the area may charge a high fee to assure your safety and fail to deliver what you need and deserve. You can always depend on our professionals. We are trained in all aspects of armadillo control and removal in Houston and our reputation in the area speaks loudly in our favor!

What Kind of Damage Can an Armadillo Cause?

Armadillos are not wild vicious animals, so you may wonder why most people want to get rid of them. Residents who call on us for armadillo trapping in Houston are most often concerned that they can wreak havoc on valuable property. The most common armadillo damage includes:

  • Tree Root Destruction
  • Digging Holes with Sharp Claws
  • Forming Burrows that Create Unsightly Property Views
  • Causing Disaster to Lawns, Gardens and other Landscapes

Contact us today if you are unsure about your need for Houston armadillo removal and want a professional opinion and estimate in Houston and surrounding areas. We are happy to assist you in the most humane way possible!