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Attics are a primary hiding spot for most wildlife animals, but with Houston attic restoration assistance from Wildlife X Team Houston, you won't have to worry about animals entering your attic and wreaking havoc. If you suspect bats, birds, squirrels, or raccoons are occupying or threatening to nest in your attic space, don't hesitate to contact us!

Expert Attic Restoration Services in Houston for Residential & Commercial Customers

We offer attic restoration services for residential and commercial customers throughout Houston and nearby. Our strategic and proven procedures will refurbish your attic and restore any damage caused by animal intrusions. Animal wildlife brings undesirable elements, such as parasites and insects, into your home that can be dangerous to your health.

San Antonio Attic Sanitation Keeps Diseases Away

Once an animal has found its way into your home, it is most likely going to get comfortable and stay there. Such animals may destroy the insulation in your attic and damage the home's ability to keep a steady temperature. Insulation is easy to destroy, particularly for an animal with sharp claws and teeth.

Wild animals claw at the insulation to create a comfortable nest. They will use this nest to sleep, give birth, or eliminate waste. In the end, your insulation becomes contaminated and useless.

Make Your Attic Animal Proof with the Best in the Business

With our help, undesirable animals can be removed quickly and safely. We capture them by applying a strategic luring method and we then transfer them back to their original habitat. Rest assured that our attic restoration process is efficient and thorough. Not only do we eliminate the unwelcome visitors, we wipe out the germs and potential diseases they have carried into your space.

How Does Attic Sanitation in Houston TX Work?

During attic sanitation in Houston TX, we repair wiring and check heating and cooling ducts to ensure proper ventilation. One of our main goals is to reduce your energy consumption, which should result in a decreased utility bill. Our procedures and processes include:

We Leave Your Attic in Good Shape

There's more to handling your wildlife invasion than just eliminating the animals. Once they are removed, attic sanitation is necessary to fix the damage and wipe away future hazards. We sanitize the entire attic, removing leftover droppings and wastes. You will then benefit from our high-performance insulation and controlled heat loss after the experts from Wildlife X Team Houston have completed your attic restoration and attic sanitation in Houston.

For high-quality attic restoration and attic sanitation services in Houston, contact us! We have 25 years of experience helping residential and commercial customer recover from unhealthy and damaging animal attic invasions.