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Any wild animal may pose a threat to your health and safety. Bats and birds are especially skillful at escaping from one place to another. Their wings give them an advantage, but they can't escape the skills of our experts at Wildlife X Team Houston. 

Our Houston bat and bird removal process is challenging, but attainable. For 25 years, our safe and humane operation has carried out successful bat and bird removal in Houston. Whether you need us to remove bats or certain kinds of birds like eagles, falcons, ducks or crows, we've got you covered.

What is the Humane Process for Bat & Bird Trapping in Houston?

You may wonder how our humane bat and bird trapping process works. These animals don't usually fly around aimlessly. Most often they migrate back and forth to a designated area. We study their behavior and gently raid their habitat at the right time. Depending on the number of birds and the frequency of their flight habits, we customize our Houston bat and bird trapping services for according to their behavior patterns.

No 2 properties are identically affected. Our knowledge and experience over the years have provided us with numerous scenarios, which is why we can not only carry out successful bat and bird trapping in Houston, but also be sure to relocate them without any harm. Sending them back to where they belong is the route we choose to take. We don't believe in taking actions that might kill or maim them.

Why is Houston Bat and Bird Control Necessary?

At Wildlife X Team Houston, we have foolproof strategies for bat and bird control in Houston. With all the health dangers that they can present from their droppings, including salmonella, E-coli and psittacosis, birds should not be deeply integrated into a non-birdlike place to live. Our professionals will add safe deterrents and anti-perching products to persuade them to seek out their natural habitats, and leave home and business owners with more peace of mind.

We offer bat and bird removal services in Houston TX that are effective for deterring and preventing diseases that might me carried to both humans and pets. Contact us today for more about our humane practices!