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Wild hogs are dangerous and can cause a great deal of damage and harm in a short time. To protect your property in Houston, Texas from danger and damage, call on the professionals at Wildlife X Team Houston for hog removal. Our wildlife removal company has been removing nuisance wildlife for more than a quarter of a century. Contact us today to restore peace and harmony with hog trapping.

Houston TX: Most Effective Means for Removal - Hog Trapping

When you think wild hogs, do not let a picture of a pretty pink piglet influence your decision to seek hog trapping services on your land in Houston, Texas. These are not pets or even docile farm animals, but rather feral pigs that pose a hazard to people, pets and other wildlife. Wild hogs are not native to Texas so they roam freely and reproduce rapidly. Without wild hog removal from the experts at Wildlife X Team Houston, your property can be overrun quickly.

24/7 Service for Wild Hog Removal in Houston TX

There are numerous reasons for property owners in Houston, Texas to seek hog trapping from our trained wildlife removal professionals:

  • Disease – Wild hogs act as carriers for a number of diseases, such as pseudorabies, swine brucellosis, leptospirosis and trichinosis, which can spread to livestock, other wild animals and people in Houston, Texas.

  • Damage – It is hard to document the dollar amount of damage that wild hogs do to property, agriculture and the Houston TX environment. Not only do they tear up property, while rooting around for food, but they also eat the food that native wild animals need to survive.

  • Danger – They can attack people, pets, farm animals and wildlife. With their tusks and aggressive natures, they can hurt or kill. All the more reason to ask us for wild hog removal in Houston TX.

Find Hog Trapping in Houston TX

We have found that the most effective method of dealing with wild hogs in and around Houston, Texas is relocation. Let the experts at Wildlife X Team Houston come onto your property for humane and safe wild hog removal. We do not kill feral pigs. Instead, we trap them and release them in an area where they will not harm people or property.

Contact us today for hog trapping in Houston that saves people and property. We serve customers throughout Houston and the surrounding areas.