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Wildlife like possums have a reputation for being scary, threatening and destructive. Most times, it's true. The best way to react to an unwelcome wildlife visit is to contact us. For the past 25 years throughout the Houston area, we have been specializing in possum and opossum removal.

Possum in Houston, TX

Possums grow and reproduce quickly once they have found shelter. What makes them most dangerous is their long claws and sharp teeth. They can terrify you and threaten your property if not removed right away. Our humane methods for removing opossums and possums in Houston are guaranteed to work the first time, every time!

Wildlife X Team Houston does not seek to destroy possums. We are actually sensitive toward them, even when they don't cooperate. Patience is key. If you focus your attention on chasing them away, they will grow angrier and possibly create a bigger problem. Houston possum control should be a methodical task, one that is best left to someone who is well trained and knowledgeable about defensive possum behavior.

What are the Differences Between a Possum and Opossum?

Possum and opossum trapping cannot be effective unless the species is properly identified. The most apparent difference between a possum and opossum starts with the name, which signifies where the 2 terms originated from: America or Australia. 

The American possum has pointy teeth and the Australian possum or opossum is said to have more appeal. No matter the physical identification, they both have the same builds and features, including:

  • Solitary, Nocturnal & Slow Moving Habits
  • Grey or Black Fur, Pink Feet & Tail, Pointed Nose
  • Omnivorous & Adaptable

Removing possums and opossums in Houston is not impossible. Even though they tend to avoid confrontation by playing dead, we completely understand their even-tempered personalities. In addition, due to the predators that seek them out, they don't usually live longer than 4 years.

Houston Possum & Opossum Trapping: Our One-of-a-Kind Technique

At Wildlife X Team Houston, we safely perform possum and opossum trapping in Houston by:

  • Using Food or Other Items as Bait
  • Locking the Species Inside Once They Have Entered
  • Monitoring Activity Near the Trap
  • Positioning cages in Specific Trap Areas

Contact us today if possums are spotted on your property. Our process for possum and opossum removal in Houston TX guarantees safe elimination and no repeat offenses!