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No matter how cute or gentle raccoons may seem, they are dangerous when invading your property. Wildlife X Team Houston is only a phone call away when you need us to safely remove a raccoon from your garage, attic, chimney or any area in your home or business.

Raccoon in Houston, TX

We have 25 years of experience of successful raccoon removal in Houston and surrounding areas.

Humane, Harmless and Effective Raccoon Removal in Houston

While other wildlife professionals aim to scare raccoons away, our tactics to remove a raccoon in Houston TX are humane and more dependable. All of our practices and procedures focus on the humane treatment of animals. We trap and remove them and then deliver them to a place where they pose no threat to themselves or to humans.

There's no point to removing raccoons and leaving homeowners and business owners apprehensive about their return. Over the years, many residential and commercial clients have chosen us for our humane treatment of animals and for our determination to ensure a permanent solution to the problem. We are known for getting the job done right the first time!

Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Raccoons may be solitary creatures, but that doesn't mean they make good or safe household pets. We don't recommend interacting with raccoons or feeding them. Their ability to survive in the wild for long periods makes them likely carriers of any number of threatening diseases. Raccoons often have rabies, a condition that can be extremely detrimental to anyone who is bitten or clawed by a raccoon. First and foremost we tell our customers: Don't try to face a raccoon on your own. Contact us! Raccoons should not be underestimated and you should always reach out to Wildlife X Team Houston for the most humane raccoon removal. In Houston, we are the top choice because we have the proper tools and equipment to execute raccoon trapping swiftly and harmlessly, which reduces the risk of a possible attack.

Best Raccoon Control in Houston TX

Simple traps don't work against certain wildlife such as raccoons. Our experienced team knows their strengths and weaknesses, along with their habits. We know how to catch raccoons and are experts when it comes to raccoon control in Houston TX. Our approach may be humane but we go above and beyond to bait raccoons for long-term elimination.

Our wildlife control methods are effective for raccoon removal in Houston TX and surrounding areas. Contact us today to request our services and take back ownership of your property!