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Rodents are a major problem if discovered on the property of homeowners or business owners. They can work their way through any opening in a building and begin to nest in your space. By the time you notice one or two, the damage has been done and they are already multiplying. 

At Wildlife X Team Houston, we help you deal with the problem early! When you contact us for rat and mouse removal in Houston, we also incorporate prevention methods so that those rodents don't return to bother you again.

Licensed Houston Rat & Mouse Control Professionals

In some areas, you must seek approval before making rat and mouse trapping a part of your removal plan. Our wildlife company is certified and licensed through the Texas Department of Agriculture. We are also proud and active members of:

  • Texas Pest Control Assoc.
  • National Pest Management Assoc.
  • National Wildlife Control Operators
  • National Wildlife Rehabilitators

Additionally our team of professionals has been trained in all areas of rat and mouse control to ensure that we achieve the end objective without any mishaps.

Is Rat & Mouse Trapping Ethical?

Rat and mouse trapping in Houston is the alternative method to killing these animals. Despite the nuisance your rodent issue may be, it can be handled safely and professionally, producing long-term, positive effects. We want you to feel comfortable whether your rodent problem is at home or in the office.

With our Houston rodent trapping and rodent control procedures, we promise not to cause injury or harm to the rodents on your premises, but we guarantee a completely successful and permanent elimination.

The Pros of Our Safe Rodent Removal in Houston

There is no downside to our safe and humane rodent removal in Houston. We have been in business for more than 25 years and our past efforts have proven that the safe way is always best. Wildlife X Team Houston is dedicated to delivering professional rat and mouse trapping in Houston. We don't just drop by, complete the job and leave. We educate you throughout the process so that you understand how rodents behave and what motivates them to live on your property. Your understanding and sense of rodent knowledge may be beneficial for you in the future.

Contact us today if possums are spotted on your property. Our process for possum and opossum removal in Houston TX guarantees safe elimination and no repeat offenses!