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At Wildlife X Team Houston, we approach all wildlife removal requests with a safe and systematic plan of action. This goes for ring-tailed cat removal in Houston as well as any other wildlife removal requests.

A fellow member of the raccoon family, the ring-tailed cat is dark brown in color with 14 to 16 stripes on a black-and-white tail that hangs longer than its body. They have large black eyes surrounded by light fur and are smaller than a domestic cat, but can measure up to 42 centimeters long. Despite their level of agility, trapping ring-tailed cats in Houston is one of our most successful jobs!

Why Choose Us for Ring-tailed Cat Removal in Houston?

It's not uncommon for customers to contact us for raccoon removal and actually be in need of ring-tailed cat removal instead. This animal is not easily identified by those who are unfamiliar with their appearance and physical traits.

Though exotic in appearance and stealthy in behavior, the ring-tailed cat should always be safely removed from your property. That's where we come in! We have 25 years of success in ring-tailed cat removal in Houston, which speaks volumes about our professional accomplishments. We are proud of the fact that both residential and commercial customers in Houston continue to make us their first choice for ring-tailed cat removal.

Where Are Ringtail Cats Found?

We have found that the most effective method of dealing with wild hogs in and around Houston, Texas is relocation. Let the experts at Wildlife X Team Houston come onto your property for humane and safe wild hog removal. We do not kill feral pigs. Instead, we trap them and release them in an area where they will not harm people or property.

In our years of ring-tailed cat trapping in Houston, we have not been surprised to find many of them in attics or basements, basically any habitat where water builds up quickly. Our Houston ringtail cat trapping be carried out in any setting, and remember that Wildlife X Team Houston is adamant about removal and not killing. If a humane option is what you prefer, we are your go-to service!

Contact us today to find out more about our process for ringtail cat removal in Houston. We educate you on this specific species as we conduct our safe trapping process.