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Squirrels are one of the most timid animals, but don't let their shy natures fool you. They can be dangerous if allowed to take over your property. At Wildlife X Team Houston, we have 25 years of experience with squirrel removal in Houston and nearby areas.

Squirrel in Houston, TX

We humanely relocate them instead of killing them. For an amateur, removing squirrels in Houston may seem difficult, but our trained and skilled professionals know how to approach the situation gently, so that the squirrels can't run away before we apprehend them. Residential and commercial customers depend on us for the best squirrel removal. We don't use any harmful chemicals or sprays during our Houston TX squirrel trapping process. Plus, we relocate the squirrels to a safe new habitat, securing a successful outcome for everyone.

How Effective is Squirrel Trapping in Houston TX?

Before we proceed with our techniques for squirrel trapping in Houston, we consider the time of year, location, how active the squirrels are and how many are present. As soon as you contact us, we will arrive promptly with our trapping equipment. After assessing the situation, squirrels will be trapped and removed swiftly and safely.

Our first step is to set out bait to entice them. When they have entered into our predetermined area, they are then closed into the trap and escorted to a appropriate habitat. Squirrel trapping in Houston should always be conducted in a kind manner.

Keeping Squirrels Tamed with Our Squirrel Control Services in Houston

Unlike other wild animals, squirrels are not known to attack humans directly. However, their presence can still be dangerous. Any rodent that runs loose is susceptible to all airborne diseases. Squirrels are not exempt. They breathe in contaminated air and can spread diseases through droppings and urine. Our squirrel control services in Houston can prevent these threatening issues before they can escalate into serious situations.

Wildlife X Team Houston stands out from the local competition by being considerate, patient, and professional. We understand the frustration that can occur in anyone who does not have the experience and know-how to master a squirrel control situation. Call on us when you want calm experts who practice tried-and-true squirrel control services in Houston.

We are experts at squirrel removal and squirrel trapping in Houston TX. Contact us today if squirrels have taken over your property. We are available 24/7 for emergencies!