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Prevent unwanted pests from threatening to damage your home, harm your health, and cost you money. We can help! At Wildlife X Team Houston, we have 25 years of experience as wildlife removal specialists serving the entire Houston area.

Mouse in Houston, TX

It's not always possible to determine what motivates wildlife, but most species are attracted to sheltered areas with high moisture levels. Their nests will show up on your property in any season. With our long-time experience and knowledge, we can reduce harm to you or your household with our safe and effective wildlife removal process. We also help you avoid costly damage.

Don't Wait to Contact Us for Wildlife Removal—We're Available 24/7!

Contact us immediately if you suspect or see unwanted wildlife on your property! We will identify and remove it promptly. The key to removing wildlife efficiently is in the timing. Our Houston wildlife removal team works around the clock for pest-removal emergencies. We determine your animal issue and promptly apply our proven methods to set your home or business at ease once again.

We make our positive wildlife identifications by examining the holes, droppings and tracks near the affected area. Because so many animals have similar tendencies, it is important for you to depend on a trained and qualified Houston TX wildlife removal specialist to determine the specific kind of animal and proceed accordingly.

Harmless Wildlife Trapping & Wildlife Control in Houston

There are a number of ways to pursue wildlife, but at Wildlife X Team Houston we are committed to using safe practices so animals are not harmed. Our proven practices include the following 4 main steps to wildlife trapping and control:

  • Correct Diagnosis of Species Type
  • Altering Habitat to Make it Less Attractive to Potential Wildlife Threats
  • Utilizing Appropriate Techniques Relative to Environmental Conditions, Location and Time of Year
  • Close Monitoring of Site to Prevent Re-Infestation and Applying Nuisance Wildlife Management Processes if Required

Customized Wildlife Services for All Types of Properties

Although our wildlife services may include the regular use of methods such as exclusion, habitat altering, use of repellents, glue boards and traps, we realize that no 2 properties are the same. Therefore, we adjust our strategy as necessary to ensure 100% satisfaction with our services for the most successful wildlife trapping and control in Houston.

When you are seeking assistance with wildlife removal in Houston from an experienced company that has countless sustainable, long-time successes, Wildlife X Team Houston is the company to call!